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Welcome to brodbeck-koepp design

brodbeck design becomes brodbeck-koepp design.

brodbeck design was founded 25 years ago, in 1995 by Stefan Brodbeck.
In May 2020, designer and long-time team member Veronika Köpp became partner in the company of Stefan Brodbeck. She took over the responsibility for product design, while Stefan Brodbeck now focuses on design strategic consulting.

design based on people: Listening closely and understanding your wishes and needs perfectly will enable us to put our heart and soul into their implementation. That is our key to success.

Based on this approach we successfully develop brand-defining and user-oriented design solutions for you. What has become part of the common vocabulary of product development with terms like “design thinking”, “usability” and “universal design” has been our motivation for 25 years.

Stefan Brodbeck

Founder of brodbeck design.
Designer, strategic consultant and coach.

Our approach to aesthetics is reduced, formally balanced and self-evident. We design products that fit into the current times and stands out from the competition through innovation. For us, “less is more” – while this “less” can be very complex in its reduction. The way I see it, it is my job as a designer to tap the full potential of technical innovation while concentrating on the essentials in order to remain authentic.
It is our goal to reflect the users individuality, their perspectives and different ways of life, in order to develop products and solutions that suit them. This, in my opinion is the only way to create innovative design solutions that meet the requirements of our multicultural and globally networked world.”
Stefan Brodbeck

Veronika Köpp

Many years of experience as industrial designer. Priorities: creativity techniques, design-thinking, visualization, ideation & innovation, agile working.

I am passionate about design solutions that on the one hand advance a company or brand and on the other hand affect and touch people. To get there, we first have to observe and develop a deeper understanding: of the respective company, the user, the market, the society and environment.
We can only live up to our responsibility as designers, if we consider their values, needs and requirements. That is my idea of great product design. Agile methods make it easier for us to recognize these requirements, to meet them creatively, to charge the products with emotion and to monitor the efficiency of our work.”
Veronika Köpp