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design based on people

This is the statement for our successful method of creating innovative, brand defining and user-orientated design solutions for our clients for over 20 years.

We apply structured, analytical yet also creative approach to direct our products and systems towards prospective needs, requirements and expectations while linking them with aesthetics that are tailored to the changing trends and living situations of the users.

Intensive observation of social, cultural and demographic developments as well as insights from behavioral psychology, trend research and futurology, sustainability, usability or technology play an essential role in the development of all products at brodbeck design: design based on people.

The more we know about people, the better we can develop finely targeted and convincing products. Always curious, we search for answers to creative questions such as: who needs what? Why? And how? Because a product is only successful when it reaches the user at an emotional level, connects with users at their level, and when the user feels an intuitive match.

Recognizing connections between markets and predicting market developments is a self-evident part of the design process for brodbeck design. A company’s profile, its sought out target groups, competitors, market position (price, image, portflio) and its marketing goals play a decisive role for us when developing new products.

Products by brodbeck design are successful because they are innovative. A lot of time passes from the development of a design object until it is ready for market. This is why we have to know today, what people will need tomorrow and what is going to be state of the art the day after tomorrow.