Alava by Nurus - Award Winner - brodbeck design news
november 2014

Alava – Die neue Inbetween Stuhlserie von Nurus

Alava has been nominated for German Design Award 2016 by Rat Für Formgebung. As produced with a high rate of responsibility for the environment and future, it has also been awarded the Green Good Design Award 2015 by Chicago Athenaeum.

Due to new media and the technological development offices become more and more decentralized and working processes more and more flexible.
We change zones; concentrated working, relaxation and interaction alternate, working- and living areas interpenetrate. Alava perfectly adapts to the different zones of the new working worlds – to inbetween- and conference areas, cafeterias, waiting areas and even living rooms.
The extremely slim seat shell and the integrated cushion with an invisible thickness of 7 cm lend this chair its very elegant and modern shape language and enable a surprisingly high seating comfort together with the integrated teeter mechanism. The chair exists in different rack varieties, add-ons such as a rotatable tray with a cup holder and stowage for bags emerged from studies about user behaviour made in offices and schools and complete the portfolio of this chair.

With its shape and the one-piece seat shell the chair renounces to a mixture and combination of problematic raw materials and is 100% removable. The material-optimized shell consists of fully recyclable PP, the mechanics and x-base is built of 100% recycling-aluminium and is completely recyclable itself.