showroom opening event AngelShack - products by brodbeck design
july 2019

Showroom opening in Johannesburg

Since the founding of AngelShack brodbeck design has been a firm partner building and developing the brand of the company.

In July the South African office furniture manufacturer presented its internationally competitive portfolio to the public. With a big event Brian Klass opened a Chairclub and a AngelShack showroom next to each other at The Design Assemblage, the trades hotspot in Johannesburg.

In this context Stefan Brodbeck gives a speech on his international working experience and the responsibility of design.

Stefan Brodbeck giving a speech
Charly and Fin chairs

An extraordinary happening for the whole team of AngelShack as well as for us, the designers. Especially as a series of 12 new products designed by brodbeck design has been presented at the event for the first time.


Together with our client, we are exited about the inspiring event at a very high level and pleased about the reliable cooperation.

more information at:
…the design assemblage

chairclub showroom
Hive in use and a Charly detail
Brian Class with Linda Trim, Stefan Brodbeck and Veronika Köpp

photos by Charles Johnstone photography and brodbeck design