Trans Generation Design lecture- brodbeck design news
december 2011

Inno Design Tech Expo 2010 in Hongkong

Above all the intercultural panel „Designing for and with people – Innovations in Transgenerational and Human Centred Design“ was received with great interest. Together with design experts from Germany, Japan and Hong Kong, Stefan Brodbeck presented the latest product designs and approached to design. As the Aging Society is an issue not only in Europe but also in Asia, Stefan Brodbeck gave a speech on „transgenerational design“. Using the example of several design projects he explained the methodolody and criteria which lead to the success of a transgenerational product.
„Simple and intuitive usability combined with a clear and simple design are the primary requests. If a product meets the demands it is aesthetically attractive not only for the new generation plus but likewise also for all other age groups“, explains the transgenerational design expert.

More than 200 participants followed the speeches and the panel discussion moderated by Prof. Philine Bracht.

Parts of Stefan Brodbeck’s speech are available in this video.