Homeoffice on 4 wheels - brodbeck design
february 2023

Homeoffice on 4 wheels

Working from different locations has become a reality for a large number of working people since Corona. For the young startup Laybackbus, we have developed an interior concept and design that takes this social development further and focuses on working on the move. From the very beginning, we placed great emphasis on the feel-good factor and well-thought-out zoning with a high-quality, homely aesthetic. Laybackbus thus closes the gap between classic campervans and self-built individual solutions, enhanced by the amenities of a comfortable home office workplace.

The startup presented its campervan concept to the public for the first time at F.re.e 2023. As of now, Laybackbus is working on the final implementation for series production and further successor concepts are already being considered.

more information at:
… laybackbus.com