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dezember 2012

Children’s bed Noah

A bed is a bed? Certainly not! It could be a train carriage or even a zoo!
The search begins as soon as your own child needs new furniture. Naturally, there are countless types of children’s furniture, but only very few in our opinion, meet the high demands of good design and functionality. That’s why we’ve designed a children’s bed with plain, clear design, which is probably why it’s so suitable for children. It stimulates fantasy, it’s well-designed, and it’s simple and sustainable.

Two moveable cushions allow for unlimited variations of play. In this way, according to the child’s wishes and fantasies, the bed can become a train, a car or an ark. You can create a separation for sleeping, or a compartment for cuddly toys.

The children’s bed is made from glued spruce board and treated with toxin-free glaze, meeting our demands for sustainable design.

The bed comes in two sizes (140cm /55 in und 190cm /75 in) and is shipped as a disassembled, flat package.

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