Kalidro from Steelcase - brodbeck koepp design

Kalidro – desk system for Steelcase

Following a development phase of 18 months Kalidro was introduced Europe-wide in 2007. About 80,000 tables and 320,000 table legs are currently produced every year. A result to be proud of, not to mention its sustainability: 34% recycled materials, 150 t less CO2-emissions per year, and a recyclability of 99%. And a win-win situation for all involved: the manufacturer reduces its costs while improving its image, the client benefits from an improved price-performance ratio – and it is friendly to the environment.
The difference lies in the detail: the frame is made from iron (steel?) sheet instead of tubes. Iron (Steel?) sheets are not only better priced but also produce less waste. Reducing the thickness of the worktop from the usual 25 mm down to 19 mm means 25% less wood consumption and thus resource friendly. The design also benefits from these changes: the table looks lighter and more elegant. The knots are produced from 100% recycled aluminium and give the product its distinctive character.
„Efficiency stands for short-term; effectiveness for long-term. Thinking in terms of efficiency is ineffective. You always try to make do with less, to avoid, to save. But this is the wrong approach. Effectiveness, instead, means making things fundamentally right.“ This is brilliantly and convincingly analyzed in the book „Cradle to Cradle“, where  Michael Braungart, founder of EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH, Hamburg, analyzes the necessity of closed material cycles.


„Reduce to the max“

When searching for new approaches, brodbeck design first put each element to the test, questioned each function and studied corresponding alternatives. According to the principle „reduce to the max“, we developed our self-imposed criteria: highest levels of efficiency for materials and costs, ecology and sustainability as a strategic goal, and high demands on aesthetics. Less materials, less costs. The Kalidro example shows this simple causal link along with the factor of sustainability.



Kalidro has received many awards, the Focus Green Silver award 2008 and a nomination for Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2009.