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Rethinking Strategy

Under Rethinking strategy, we understand how to question the familiar and develop innovative solutions that meet today’s requirements. The consideration of the specific application, new function, a contemporary and production-oriented design as well as topics such as recycling and sustainability play an important role.


Premieres at Orgatec 2018: BOWI

A mobile and horizontally stackable multifunctional chair.
Today’s office requirements need agile multifunctional space-saving solutions. Especially in the seating. In conference or project rooms, work lounges, cafeterias etc.

Rethinking Strategy:

Through our approach we have succeeded in reinterpreting a product category Horizontal Stacking Chairs / Nesting Chairs.
Bowi tilts not only the seat but the whole shell. This creates a contemporary design language, which was not possible in the previous designs. Thus unique worldwide.




Bowi was awarded the IF Product Design Award 2021.

design: brodbeck design
client: Haworth