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Inno Design Tech Expo in Hong Kong

Together with design experts from Germany, Japan and Hong Kong, Stefan Brodbeck is presenting latest product developments. Lectures: “Designing for and with people – Innovations in Transgenerational and Human Centred Design.”


Design Center Stuttgart: “Reduce to the Max – Materials and Cost Efficiency“

To mark the award of the Focus Green design prize for the office desk system Kalidro, designed by brodbeck design for the furniture manufacturer Steelcase. Stefan Brodbeck discusses the concept leading to the success of the desk system in his talk.


“Functionality and Product Design for the Generation Plus”

Willi Stober GmbH & Co KG is taking the subject of our aging population increasingly seriously in its business. It is from this stand point that Stefan Brodbeck delivers his talk about future strategies.

“Products and Services of the future”

The firm SCA arranged a theme night in the course of the exhibition CMS (in Berlin).Theme: “washroom of the future”. Lecture: “Products and Services of the future. Which demands are waiting for the branch regarding to the older growing population?”

“Ageless Products – universal design strategies”

Conference „Mobile Aging“ in Wolfsburg, hosted by the AutoUni, Volkswagen AG, focused on the theme: “the demographic change for the automobile industry”.

top conference “The power of design”

top conference “The power of design” in Hamburg, hosted by the management forum Starnberg, topic of the lecture “Products for several generations/ageless products – strategies for the demographic change”.

contractworld.congress: “Form follows materials”

initiated by the magazine AIT, the biggest event in Europe in the domain of architecture, interior design, design and materials.


brodbeck design as expert with mobile network operator ONE

ONE, telecommunication provider in Vienna, Austria. Workshop in the innovation centre ONE Smart Space Centre with participants of the generation 60 plus. Topic: “Products and services in the sector telecommunication”. Panel discussion and presentation of results afterwards.


University of Bozen: “Forever young?”

lecture on the topic generation plus and the specific challenges of the demographic change regarding product design. Initiated by the Faculty of Design and Arts – University Bozen /Italy.


IF special exhibition “Living Spaces”

Stefan Brodbeck is as an expert at the special exhibition focusing on “Universal Design” in architecture and design. Panel discussion: “Dream world bath”.


Guest speaker at the ORF Innsbruck: “Design versus functionality”

ORF-stage in the special exhibition SENaktiv at the congress centre, Innsbruck. Panel discussion: “Design vs. functionality”. Stefan Brodbeck, Dr Hanne Meyer-Hentschel, Matthias Lohrum (chartered engineer) take part in the discussion.


Forum for design in cooperation with the VDID host a symposium

Ballhaus-Studio, Berlin: “Elephants can’t be strangled – the sustainable change of society and design”.


“Generation 50 plus changes the market”

Theme night at KLW forum, Munich: “ Generation 50 plus changes the market”.


Expert conference of the Marketingclub Munich at GRP

Marketingclub Munich attending GRP in Bad Tölz: “Technology for the generation plus – opportunities for new services and products”.


“Creating values by design”

Business forum design – initiated by bayern design GmbH. Event of the IHK Academy Munich.


Business forum KPMG, Nürnberg

“Products – staff – market: the demographic change as a current challenge”, with Frank Schirrmacher, editor of FAZ.


Forum Lifestyle

Forum of the German Museum, Munich