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Stefan Brodbeck

Good design is about designing life.

This conviction led Stefan Brodbeck (*1962) to study industrial design and architecture in Kassel. It accompanied his work at “Eichinger oder Knechtl” in Vienna, and left its mark during his years as industrial designer at “frogdesign” in Germany and the USA. And still today it drives him in his designs – for intrenational manufacturers, successfully with his team at his own design agency in Munich since 1994.

“We accomplish carefully thought-out products through our analytical and creative work approach: products that people enjoy living and working with today and into the future.”

“Good design is the result of strategy and intuition.”

Concepts such as “design thinking”, “usability” and “universal design” have become established terms that belong to the field of product development. These have always been our motivation and our driving force.

We call this approach “design based on people”. The systematic observation of people, their daily lives and their lifestyle is the basis of all new product developments. Sustainable materials and industrially optimized manufacturing are just as important as incorporating the latest technologies into the quickly changing life situations of the user. “We want to mirror the individuality of the user and to respond to the multitude of perspectives and ways of life. Only in this way do we generate innovative design solutions that do justice to the variety of requirements of our multicultural and globally networked world.”

The strategic approach, the consistent methodology in product development and the distinctive aesthetics. These are the features that stand out with their smooth sensuality even while highly functional. They are the ingredients that make the difference in the market success of our products benefiting both – manufacturers and users. Almost all products by brodbeck design have been awarded one or more design prizes something that speakes for itself.


„Good design is sensual and sensible.“

You can feel it. When you close your eyes and touch an object, you can feel the shape and the material. But you also see it. Our outlook on aesthetics is conclusive in itself – reduced and formally balanced. Product design that matches our times and differentiates itself through innovation. Less is still more if it is innovative. But simplicity can be highly complex, until it is sensibly reduced. Using all possible technological innovations while also concentrating on the essential and remaining authentic. For me, this is the duty of a designer.“ Stefan Brodbeck